Curiouser and Curiouser…VMware Open Source

You may be familiar with VMware through its products: on the desktop it’s likely Fusion or Workstation; in the datacenter it’s vSphere. But that picture of VMware is a dated one - a 20-year old vintage photo, captured in time. Today’s VMware is much, much more - cloud, security, application development platforms, networking, and open source.

“What’s that? VMware and open source? Is that possible?” Well, let’s bring you up to speed. Today’s VMware includes leadership and contributions across a variety of third party open source projects including Kubernetes, the Linux kernel, RabbitMQ, Spring, Cloud Foundry - just to name a few. Beyond that our VMware-originated open source projects such as Harbor, Contour, or Clarity continue to enjoy wide-spread adoption and a growing contributor community. We’re founding members of a number of open source foundations including Cloud Native Computing Foundation and Cloud Foundry Foundation and our Chief Open Source Officer, Dirk Hohndel, sits on the board of the Linux Foundation. TL;DR: VMware is an open source leader, committed to open source and invested in its success.

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