Day 2 / Tuesday, October 20 Recordings Now Live

We're thrilled to announce all Day 2 / Tuesday, October 20 talk recordings from ATO 2020 are now live!

Although it took us far longer than expected, we feel the wait will be well worth it as programming on Tuesday was truly excellent. This, in addition to keynote and Day 1 talk recordings, should provide a great variety of educational content on nearly any topic for anyone interested.

The following talks were featured on Tuesday, October 20.


Featured Talks

Underrepresented Communities in Code

Ndu Emuchay, IBM, Anesha Grant, Black Girls CODE, Justin Dawkins, Collab Capital, Stephanie Tena-Meza, Stanford University, & Christina Saunders, United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)

Track Talks


Linux 101

Justin Reock, OpenLogic by Perforce


Web acceleration mechanics 

Alexander Krizhanovsky, Tempesta Technologies


Why Postgres

Craig Kerstiens, Crunchy Data

Big Data

Open Source for Data Quality

Jackie Goldschmidt, Tech co.

Machine Learning/AI

Deep Learning with PyTorch 

Sachin Solkhan, Fidelity Investments

Open Source Programs Office

Three Cs to an Open Source Program Office

Justin Rackliffe, Fidelity Investments

Open Source Programs Office

TODO Group OSPO Panel Discussion

Chris Aniszczyk, Linux Foundation, Nithya Ruff, Comcast & Justin Rackliffe, Fidelity Investments


Setting Up A 3O - Offline, Open, Office. 

Leiska Evanson, Evansons Strategy Consultants / Live from the Caribbean Podcast / Wilton Trading Company dba Healing Grove Contained Farms

Mobile Developer

Evolution of Xamarin.Forms! 

Sam Basu, Progress Software

Back-End Developer

Screaming Fast API Clients 

Moshe Zadka, SurveyMonkey

Front-End Developer

Unblocking Backlog Jams

Dave Rupert, Paravel

Front-End Engineering

End to End Testing with Cypress 

Avindra Fernando, Balance Innovations, a Brink's Division

Programming Languages

The State of Swift

Paris Buttfield-Addison, Secret Lab & Tim Nugent,

Programming Languages

What it's Like to Work on Open Source 

Steve Klabnik, Oxide Computer Company


Open Source in Africa 

Shedrack Akintayo, Cloud Foundry Foundation


Open Data/Open Government

Open Source for Open Science with Frictionless Data

Lilly Winfree, Open Knowledge Foundation

Open Data/Open Government

Federal Source Code Study: An Analysis of Publishing the People's Code

Joseph Castle, U.S. General Services Administration

Open Data/Open Government

The OpenStreetMap Project = Data + Community 

Maggie Cawley, OpenStreetMap US


DevSecOps – Security Throughout the DevOps Pipeline 

Alan S Koch, Cprime Learning (formerly ASPE Training)