Session: 2 for 1: Gender Inclusivity Is More Than an “Other” Option / TBA

Gender Inclusivity Is More Than an “Other” Option – Alex Manzo, Savas Labs

How should we handle a “gender” field on forms? There has been a lot of conversation in recent years on how to make these fields more inclusive of people that identify as transgender, non-binary, or other marginalized gender identities. While this is a necessary effort, it is a small part of a much larger and more complicated picture. What does inclusivity of marginalized gender identities truly look like?

My challenge to user experience experts, content creators, and developers is to dig deeper and consider questions like:

  • What assumptions do we make about users?
  • Is asking for gender or other demographic information necessary?
  • How do we handle a user changing their name or email?

Taking the time to reflect on some of these ideas can help create a better experience for users and contributors alike.