Session: 2 for 1: Rapid Introduction to Web Accessibility/Crushing React bugs with Jest and Enzyme

Rapid Introduction to Web Accessibility – Michael Head, Slalom, Inc

Web accessibility is a growing topic of interest among many practitioners in software development, from designers to product managers to developers. If you’re not familiar with the topic it can be overwhelming at first. This talk serves as a crash course into web accessibility to help people get a grasp on the topic overall and figure out where they can go to learn more. It’s useful for designers, developers, product managers, or anyone else involved in product development. Come learn about why accessibility is important, what all those acronyms mean (WCAG, ATAG, WAI-ARIA, oh my!), and about some of the tools of the trade.

Crushing React bugs with Jest and Enzyme – Jannaee Sick, IBM

I will reveal the lessons I learned while discovering how to test React components using Jest and Enzyme, an open source testing framework built specifically for use with React. This talk will be centered around my personal experience of building one of the applications for the Red Hat Marketplace, an open cloud marketplace. I will reveal tips on how to enhance your applications by ensuring it’s bug free using the best features of Enzyme. In contrast, I will also expose the pitfalls of using Enzyme and the best ways to overcome them. Attendees will learn how to install and run Enzyme as well as how to debug their applications.