Session: A Holistic Approach to DevOps: Driving an enterprise software development and observability strategy through open source

DevOps is a hot topic these days, but are you implementing it as a tool or a culture in your organization? The adoption of Open Source technologies, Agile methodologies and a changing landscape for supporting new enterprise strategies in the industry are causing a shift in what DevOps traditionally means for them. Innovations such as Microservices, Containerization and Cloud Native are becoming de-facto considerations in many organizations and are leading to new ways of developing team dynamics, changing development methodologies and improved time to market strategies. These new innovations and ways of working have led to the importance of building a complete DevOps culture. In this presentation, Eric Tice will discuss the elements that will help you succeed in building a strong DevOps culture to break down the silos, manage your CICD tools and how leveraging increased observability across your DevOps platform through tools like Hygieia can improve application stability, performance and time to market.