Session: A Reference Architecture for Running Modern APIs with NGINX Unit and NGINX Web Server

Building and deploying cloud native APIs is a complex operation, and can require a multitude of components. In this workshop we focus on the fundamentals of deploying the runtime API code and publishing the API through an API gateway. To achieve this we use NGINX Unit as a polyglot application server and NGINX web server as an API gateway. With this combination we deliver a solution lightweight enough for dev and strong enough for production.

You will learn how to use NGINX Unit to run one or more apps and APIs in a variety of languages, including seamlessly deploying new versions. You will then see the best practices for how to configure NGINX to perform the common API gateway functions of request routing, rate limiting, and authentication for multiple APIs. We will also touch on advanced use cases such as HTTP method enforcement, and JSON validation.

No previous experience of NGINX or NGINX Unit is required, but a basic knowledge of HTTP and JSON/REST APIs is valuable.