Session: Bottom-Up Open Source Culture

Open source produces the world’s most impactful software. Open source working patterns are the gold standard for how to collaborate on a large software project. These same patterns of open collaboration produce great benefits when applied to company-internal software development. Internal projects, run in an open, collaborative fashion, unlock developer creativity and efficiency. They balance the needs from multiple parts of the company and reduce siloed, duplicative work. They foster a dynamic, fulfilling work environment.

In this presentation, we’ll explore how to go about introducing an open source inspired working model within your company from the ground up. We’ll look at published patterns of introducing such a culture change and give real-life anecdotes of how those patterns have played out at large software eng. We’ll also review the scientific underpinnings of why these patterns work, all in a fun and engaging way with memorable examples. At the end of the presentation you’ll leave with a mental guide of principles to follow in bringing open, collaborative behavior to software development inside your company.