Session: Contributing to Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch is an open source distributed, RESTful search engine used for everything from log analytics to application performance monitoring to on site search to security incident response. NASA and Facebook and Verizon and Microsoft and Wikipedia all use it. I’ll introduce you to the code, help you find a beginner friendly thing to work on, and walk you through setting up your development environment.

I opened my first pull request in 2013 while I was working on a fairly high traffic on site search deployment. I joined Elastic in 2015 to be a full time Elasticsearch hacker.

Elasticsearch is built with Java which isn’t the newest, shiniest language on the block. But it gets the job done. And it lets us stand on the shoulders of giants.

The docs are written in AsciiDoc and could always use more contributors too! Everyone that writes features for Elasticsearch has to write the docs for those features, so if you contribute to Elasticsearch for long enough you’ll need to learn that too!