Session: End to End Testing with Cypress

Lots of companies are investing in end to end testing to release high quality software and remain competitive in today’s market. But, end to end testing also come with a set of challenges that we have to overcome. Setting up, writing, running, and debugging these tests could be challenging and tedious. Now with Cypress, end to end testing has become very intuitive and a whole lot of fun.

Cypress is a blazing fast testing library that integrates well with your favorite front end frameworks like React, Vue, or Angular. With Cypress, you do not need to install various other tools and libraries to write and run your end to end tests. Since Cypress tests are so easy to work with, developers as well as QA engineers will enjoy it a lot.

In this session, we will explore Cypress and look at how you can integrate it with your web application. This end to end testing experience will enable you to release high quality software to your clients.