Session: Flutter: A journey of productivity and happiness

Flutter is an open-source user interface toolkit developed by Google that allows you to create beautiful applications in record time without sacrificing code quality nor developer productivity.

With such an ambitious premise, I was very skeptical back at the beginning of 2018 when I tried Flutter for the first time that Flutter could check all the boxes; after all, there were already plenty of cross-platform solutions for mobile that promised all the gold in the world but ended up not quite meeting the expectations. However, this time, Flutter brought a big simile to my face immediately! Flutter is fun to learn, easy to test, highly performant, completely open-source, and has an incredibly community that is warm, welcoming, supportive, and incredibly active!

In this talk, I’d like to share with you my experience working with Flutter for more than two years: from big projects with hundreds of developers contributing daily to the codebase to small and fast-paced startups that need to validate their product as soon as possible.