Session: Multi-Cluster Kubernetes and Service Mesh Patterns

Building applications for cloud-native infrastructure that are resilient, scalable, secure, and meet compliance and IT objectives gets complicated. Another wrinkle for the organizations with which we work is the fact they need to run across a hybrid deployment footprint, not just Kubernetes. At, we build application networking technology on Envoy Proxy that helps solve difficult multi-deployment, multi-cluster, and even multi-mesh problems.

In this webinar, we’re going to explore different options and patterns for building secure, scalable, resilient applications using technology like Kubernetes and Service Mesh without leaving behind existing IT investments. We’ll see why and when to use multi-cluster topologies, how to build for high availability and team autonomy, and solve for things like service discovery, identity federation, traffic routing, and access control.

This talk will cover:

  • Multi-cluster design patterns with Kubernetes and Service Mesh
  • Service discovery across a hybrid environment
  • Identity federation, including SPIFFE, in a multi-cluster world
  • Emerging technology to help simplify multi-cluster and multi-mesh architectures