Session: Open Source Collective: The Business of Open Community

Open source projects are the building blocks for over half of an organization’s products, services, and internal frameworks. Yet despite the proliferation of open source in the supply chain of an organization’s digital infrastructure, these blocks are often forged by unpaid communities. Businesses are not building with free and open source code, they are building on the invisible shoulders of communities.

To collectively solve the invisibility of open source, we reframe the question. How do we design business models and licensing where not only source code is protected but also the people behind code? How do we see and sustain the people of open source?

Open Source Collective is part of a sustainability ecosystem designed to facilitate organizational contribution to open source projects. We design on all ends of a sustainability spectrum, ranging from automated tooling informed by dependency graphs to customized curations of contributor funds. We work to bridge organizational value to the open source communities that are more important to them.

This talk will cover the vision and work of Open Source Collective and Sustain OSS to build an open source economy that replaces “give and take” with “give and give”.