Session: OpenUK: The UK’s Open Technology Gateway

In this talk, Amanda Brock will take a close look at OpenUK, the UK’s industry and advocacy organisation for Open Technology. Amanda currently serves as the CEO.

Attendees should leave the talk with a much better understanding of open source and open technology in the UK, as well as how to get involved and participate in multiple ways.

About OpenUK:

Led by Amanda Brock, CEO, with a pro bono Leadership team and a Board of experts from Open Technology who together bring together over a century of knowledge, OpenUK’s vision is to develop and sustain UK leadership in Open Technology, making open the norm in UK business and public life. With a focus on the UK it works collaboratively with individuals and organisations globally, as well as with all Open Technology communities.

According to the group, the term “Open Technology” means the “3 Opens”- open source software, open hardware and open data, which Open UK believes combine for a bright future.

OpenUK is supported by a large number of volunteers working on projects and work streams across the 3 Pillars of OpenUK: Community, Legal and Policy and Learning.

It is funded by companies including Arm, Facebook, GitHub, Google, Huawei, Microsoft and RedHat with in kind and pro bono sponsorship from a number of local organisations. It recently launched an individual Supporter model allowing it to move to its first elected Board in 2020.

Attend this session to learn more about OpenUK initiatives, such as OpenUK Week, its policy work, its kids programs and summer camp, as well as its academic certification program.