Session: Partnerships in Open Source – the friends you didn’t know you had

In the past two years, we’ve seen deterioration of the barrier between financial services and the open source community increase exponentially. Usage, contribution, and even creation of Open Source Software by large, heavily regulated companies are becoming ingrained in the fiber of corporate SDLC. The nature of this shift is equally technical and cultural, with each dimension of open source bringing its own host of challenges — security, legal, risk, and compliance.

Capital One will share it’s five year journey to become an “open source first” company, and the relationships, both internal and external, that made this vision a reality. This transformation was a significant, multi-year effort that required every part of the business to come along on the journey. We’ll share what we’ve done and how we’re incorporating our lessons learned into our open source contribution and community processes. In this session, you’ll learn how we are transforming our organization with open source collaboration and we hope this will help you in your own journey.