Session: The Management of Patent Risk in Software – Parallels Between OpenSource Technical and Patent Collaboration

Open Source Software (OSS) is creating a new global dynamic. Virtually every electronic touch point in our daily lives is now powered by Open Source technologies. Consider smart cars, ATMs, stock exchanges, cloud services, Android phones, social media, and many others,

Unarguably, Open Source is changing the way we invent. As part of this trend, software development is increasingly through OSS projects. Businesses of all sizes are embracing collaborative and global development models through OSS projects. The result is higher levels of innovation happens more efficiently, comes from the collective intelligence of the best talent in the world, and new technologies go to market faster. However, projects must ensure that technical development and collaboration occurs along with legal cooperation between participants, so that this growth and continued innovation is not slowed by patent risks.

This presentation will discuss these factors, as well as the leading community-based non-aggression initiatives to protect OSS code and reduce patent risk. Keith will also share insights about the evolution of Open Invention Network since it was founded in 2005, the importance of the Linux System, and the scope and global impact of OIN’s patent cross-licensing community.