Shipping Policy

We’ve made items available to our community for more than a decade, and many have been shipped to addresses all over the U.S. and the world. In the process we’ve learned a few things that have resulted in this “official” policy.

In short, before we ship anything we’ll ask you for a shipping address – the best and most accurate address available. We’ll use this address – the address provided, to ship the items.

The first attempt to ship items is on us – we cover it and have included the cost in the pricing of VIP packages. However, if a second / third attempt becomes necessary it becomes your responsibility. We’ll contact you with the estimated shipping cost and you can transfer that amount via PayPal, etc.

We’d like to apologize ahead of time for any issues with shipping. While we know the vast majority of items are shipped without an issue, we have encountered a few. We feel this policy is fair to everyone involved.

Questions about shipping? Contact us directly at [email protected].