Gopal S. Akshintala

Gopal S Akshintala is currently a Software Engineer at Microsoft OneNote team. He is a passionate developer and loves being an **Influencer & Mentor** in the dev community through his Blog-posts, Tech-Talks and Social-media. He started as an Android Developer and switched to the server-side as a Full-Stack Developer (Kotlin, Java for Backend, React Js for Frontend). Wearing multiple hats, aided him to perceive Patterns, Solutions, and Trade-offs. He is a practitioner of Domain-Driven Design (DDD) and Clean Architecture. A massive fan of Test-Driven Development (TDD). He believes Expressive Code is fun and profitable, which enthused him towards Functional Programming. He’s a language geek, currently fluent at Kotlin, Java, and dabbling with Scala and Javascript. In addition to his Software Engineering experience, he gains more _experiences-per-year_ by open-source collaborations & contributions, active participation in the Dev discussions, and Speaking at User Groups and Conferences. He loves being on Stage, as a Singer and a Tech-Speaker and writes about Nature & Life.