Why Attend?

Why Attend All Things Open 2020?

Open Source has “won” and is now ubiquitous in technology environments around the world. If more are going to actively contribute and effectively consume, the need for quality education and networking opportunities is vital.


To remain competitive everyone in technology, regardless of skill or experience level, needs to understand the fundamentals of open source.
  • 99% of all new software projects have open source dependencies
  • Open source is now the primary driver of software and technological innovation
  • Open source is being embraced by both technical and non-technical companies like never before.
  • Open source is playing a more central role in the business models of companies and organizations around the world than ever before
  • In “The State of Enterprise Open Source” survey of 950 IT leaders worldwide:
    • 95% of respondents say open source is strategically important
    • 69% say open source is very or extremely important to infrastructure software plans - only one percent didn’t think it was important at all
    • 68% stated the use of open source has increased over the last 12 months and 59% plan to increase even more in the next 12 months
  • According to the 2018 Linux Foundation / Dice Jobs Report (750 hiring managers and 6,500 open source professionals):
    • 87% of hiring managers report difficulty finding open source talent
    • Hiring open source talent is a priority for 83% of hiring managers, an increase from 76% in 2017
    • 48%) report their organizations have begun to support open source projects with code or other resources for the explicit reason of recruiting individuals with those software skills


The speakers and content are world-class, carefully chosen to deliver education that can be applied
  • Speakers will include a diverse lineup of technologists and thought leaders doing amazing and interesting things. Each has been chosen specifically because of the experience, expertise and background they bring to the event.
  • Each talk and workshop featured have been chosen to provide education resulting in an ability to effectively contribute to and consume open source. More companies are both consuming and open-sourcing products themselves than ever before. It is vital people inside these organizations understand the tools and processes.


Networking opportunities will be outstanding

Because All Things Open 2020 is a virtual event there will be ever more networking opportunities available than normal. The platform on which the event will be hosted includes expanded networking features and topic themed group discussions to allow for direct and passive, post-event connections.


 The value is tremendous

For the first time ever we’re making FREE registration available, courtesy of our
Presenting level partners. We sincerely hope people from around the world join us and participate, and learn new skills and make valuable connections in the process. From the beginning in 2013 we have been obsessed with hosting an event with the highest ROI possible for everyone involved. We feel it’s our responsibility and in line with the brand we’ve built over the decade.


  1. Current technology professionals with little open source experience, but wanting to learn more
  2. Current technology professionals with open source experience, but wanting to learn more
  3. Students wanting and needing to learn more about open source
  4. Anyone interested in world-class networking opportunities with some of the top thought leaders in the world