Leiska Evanson

Leiska Evanson (Lee-ska Ev-an-son) is celebrating 4 decades as a crafty black woman with a penchant for business, technology, farming and gluten-free cuisine. She is currently:

  • the managing director and lead consultant of Evansons Strategy Consultants, specialising in sustainability and resilience projects;
  • executive producer of the “”Live from the Caribbean”” podcast, showcasing outstanding people of Caribbean heritage who excel in diverse locations around the globe;
  • general manager of Healing Grove Contained Farms, a family-owned aquaponics enterprise, and
  • an active member of the Internet Society of Barbados, supporting privacy, security, copy-left and open standards.

An avid gamer, maker, writer, web designer and Linux user, she’s been skilled in creating, fixing and hacking everything since wiping her dad’s Mac at 4 years old.

Pronouns: She, Her