2020 Talk and Speaker Spotlight: Manrique Lopez of Bitergia discusses OSPO’s

One of the many things we're doing for the first time in 2020 is the Talk & Speaker Spotlight series where we highlight an interesting talk/topic and speaker being featured at the conference.

We're proud that #1 in the series is the topic of Open Source Program Offices (OSPO's) and that the speaker is Bitergia's CEO Manrique Lopez. We couldn't imagine a better place to start.

We love the work Bitergia does, and we've seen the team deliver multiple presentations all over the world. They always provide substance, and they do it in a way that is digestible and extremely informative. In addition, Manrique is an incredibly nice person, which is icing on the cake.

Speaker: Manrique Lopez - CEO, Bitergia

Manrique is the CEO and shareholder in Bitergia and a free, libre, open source software development community passionate. He is a graduate Industrial Engineer with research and development experience from the Technological Center for Computer Science and Communications of the Principality of Asturias (CTIC), W3C working groups, Ándago Engineering, and Continua Health Alliance. Former executive director of the Spanish Open Source Enterprises Association (ASOLIF), and expert consultant for the Spanish National Open Source Reference Center (CENATIC).

Involved in several communities related to free, libre, open source software he is currently active in GrimoireLab and CHAOSS(Community Health Analytics for Open Source Software). He has been recognized as AWS Data Hero and GitLab Community Hero.

You can reach him on Twitter as @jsmanrique, and when he is not online he loves to spend time with his family and surfing.

Talk title:

Open Source Program Office is a key element for your company, but also for the open source ecosystem


Tuesday, October 20 @ 10:30 am ET. It will take place on the Open Source Program Office (OSPO) track.

Overview & Q&A:

There are different ways companies can get involved in open source projects. Companies can consume, contribute to, or even release open source software. Open Source Program Offices (OSPO) are there to manage companies' relationship with the organization’s open source ecosystem and hence, with their related communities.

During ATO’s conference, Manrique will present “Open Source Program Office is a key element for your company, but also for the open source ecosystem”. We have been asking some questions before his debut in ATO as a speaker. Keep reading to see what you can learn from his session!

What do you do and what is your relationship with open source?


I am the CEO and one of the shareholders in Bitergia, where we provide value to OSPOs willing to understand more about the software development projects that matter to them. 

For more than 20 years, I have been involved in several communities related to free, libre, open source such as GrimoireLab or CHAOSS (Community Health Analytics for Open Source Software).

What is your talk about?


We keep hearing the reasons why a company benefits from an OSPO department. But what about the benefits that OSPOs could bring to the open source ecosystem the company is part of? 

As an open source software development passionate, I’ve found this question interesting to bring to ATO’s audience and share my experience in Bitergia when working with Data-Driven Open Source Program Offices.

Why should ATO’s audience consider attending to your talk?


I would like to share with ATO’s audience our experience and listen to their thoughts and points of view. The audience can learn more about Data-Driven Open Source Program Offices through real examples of how companies are managing OSPOs nowadays, as well as the impact they are having among open source communities.

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