ATO 2020 Summary – An incredible year, in so many ways

Hard to believe but 2020 is now a wrap. So much time and effort goes into the conference each year, and just like that, it's gone.

And what a conference and year it was.

Back in January, when planning for October really begins in earnest, no one on our team knew COVID would have such a transformative impact. But as February turned into March it was becoming clear this year would be unlike any other.

After cancelling Open Source 101 in Austin, TX, which was scheduled for April 14, we transitioned it into a successful virtual event on May 12. And on May 13, all eyes were then turned to ATO 2020.

For 5+ full months every bit of our energy was focused on October 19 & 20, and it all culminated in two days of programming last week.

We sincerely hope everyone enjoyed the conference and we encourage questions or comments at [email protected].

A quick 2020 overview:

Registrations and Participants: 7,483
Number of countries represented: 75+
Do you influence spending decisions?
Yes 36.3%  •  No 63.7%
Number of speakers: 250+
Number of sessions: 260+
Companies & Organizations: 2,500+
Type of attendee:
    • C-level/IT Manager 13.5%
    • Developer/Programmer/Designer 33.5%
    • Engineer/Scientist 22%
    • Education (student/professor) 7%
    • Sys admin/Data admin 5%
    • Other (community/BA/QA/marketing/sales) 19%