Session: 2 for 1: SkillTree – Gamification Made Easy/The Open-Source Journey of the Most Unlikely Participant

SkillTree – Gamification Made Easy – Terrence Pugh, NSA

One of the biggest obstacles to widespread adoption of an application is user familiarity. If users don’t know how to take advantage of all the features of your application, they might stop using it entirely! But what if the users could simply and easily train themselves – and have fun, too?

In this talk, Terrence will introduce SkillTree, an open source solution for gamifying user training. SkillTree creates a rewards system that awards users skill points for executing defined actions in your application. It can be easily integrated into an existing application and quickly configured by the development team. In early deployments, SkillTree has dramatically increased user engagement and utilization of application features and generated significant cost savings over traditional training methods.

The Open-Source Journey of the Most Unlikely Participant – Alex Scammon & Caterina Rindi, G-Research

How does an insular and secretive fintech company move from primarily Closed-Source tech to Open-Source tools? We’ll discuss the technology, the culture, and the security changes needed to make the leap. We’ll also talk about how this moved G-Research to embrace, support, and engage the Open-Source community, including the pitfalls, resistance, magic, and breakthroughs.