Session: 7 Things you can Learn from Microsoft’s Open Source Experience

Come learn about how to change the culture of an organization, create open source software policies and implement a compliance toolkit. Learn how to incorporate open source software into strategic decisions and run entire projects in the open, including product management.

Over the past decade, Microsoft’s approach to open source software has changed. Microsoft went from using no open source to leading some of the top open source software projects on GitHub. Along the way, Microsoft learned how to create an effective open source software policy, run entire projects in the open, including product management, strike a balance between open source expertise and business strategy, bring the best of our diversity and inclusion to open source and create easy to use compliance tooling. We are still learning, so we’d like to share our experiences and hear from yours!

Come learn how Microsoft has changed its culture, how it runs its Open Source Programs Office and what it’s learned along the way.