Session: Beyond Coding: The Hallmarks of a Great Open Source Engineer

Being a software engineer with longevity means more than obtaining a degree or certificate and knowing how to code. Often engineers may excel at coding, but still struggle with their careers long-term due to a number of other factors that stifle their career potential. In addition, many engineers enter the workforce without knowledge of what interviewers are really looking for, what it will take to prosper as it relates to a successful project, and how to avoid burnout. In this talk we will cover how open source engineers can overcome these challenges and enjoy a long, successful career.

Dr. Shallon Elizabeth Brown, a 20 year veteran of the software industry, explores the nuances of being an exceptional open-source developer for this talk. This will especially apply to anyone who is newer to mid-level as an engineer, and is interested in learning what specific things they should do to avoid burnout and thrive within a software development environment. This is also for hiring managers who want to know what qualities to look out for when interviewing new candidates.