Session: Do What You Can with What You Have – How Nonprofit Volunteers built an Open Source Solution to help military families with

“Do What You Can, with What You Have, Where You Are.”— Theodore Roosevelt is the social impact center of Salesforce. We are a unique business unit dedicated to creating solutions for nonprofit, educational, and philanthropic organizations so they can have greater impact.

This talk will use the case of the volunteer built and supported Open Source “Ombudsman Cloud Care” application to illustrate how uses open source technologies not just to build our products, but also to empower our community of collaborating non-profits and educational institutions with a sustainability program we call the “Open Source Commons”.

A Navy Ombudsman is a full time, unpaid volunteer liaison between the command and the sailors’ families. As Mary Crozier says:“It is almost impossible to fully describe how important they are to the families, and explain their value to the Navy at large. Ombudsman are the unsung heroes, and our angels on earth, who keep us all (command, sailors, and families) connected.”

Ombudsman Cloud Care was born out of the long-term needs of Ombudsman but is also specific to the era of COVID. In fact, the tragic and high profile case of COVID on the USS Theodore Roosevelt lead Mary Crozier to assemble a “Tiger Team” of volunteers to build an open source and free-to-use Salesforce Application that could support military families.