Session: Evolution of Xamarin.Forms!

Xamarin.Forms has come a long way, enabling developers to build truly native & truly cross-platform apps across various platforms with OSS tools. The latest in Xamarin.Forms showcases increased developer productivity, matured tooling and easy code sharing across platforms. Let’s do a whirlwind tour of the hottest features, like

  • Shell & Navigation
  • Visual & Design themes
  • Hot Reload & Hot Restart
  • Android X & iOS 13 support
  • Platform support with Tizen, WPF & Mac OS

Also, you may be invested in OSS .NET and Xamarin technology stacks. But there are some pain points in the present reality. Perhaps you crave for cohesiveness, maturity and want to have more confidence in the .NET and Xamarin.Forms ecosystem? Let’s take a look at the future with .NET MAUI – the evolution of Xamarin.Forms. While early days, the promise is exciting. Developers would be able to write more cross-platform code to target a wider selection of platforms, across mobile/desktop/web. Major design patterns include traditional MVVM and also the newer MVU pattern for additional developer flexibility. MAUI also opens the funnel to invite more developers into the ecosystem by offering choices in the UI stack – web technologies are welcome. The tools you know get better, apps aim to be more performant and developer cycles get tighter loops. Let’s explore!