Session: Open Source on Purpose; Strategy, Process and Tools to Succeed

Executing open source strategy which works at scale inside a large complex corporation is all about understanding the needs of each constituent group, the questions they need to get answered, and what tools can be infused into existing processes so all parties succeed. Organizations typically have open source strategies which revolve around cost reduction, managing technical debt and increasing speed to market. But these strategies must meet the needs of several critical groups in order to be successful; including the engineering community, technology leadership, and the in-house legal department.

For example, open source consumption is all the rage in large organizations primarily in hopes of reducing license costs in the short term.  While this is a great reason to use open source, it is far from the only reason and ignores the obligations that go along with adopting an open source code base.  UHG/Optum has developed and released an enterprise grade tool to the open source community that will recursively analyze a source code tree and report on all open source library and framework licenses, as well as divulge security threats as listed in the NIST National Vulnerability Database.  Use of such a tool allows architectural guidance and governance for specific projects.

Kevin and Randy will walk attendees through the primary UHG OSPO customer personas, and how they employ processes and open source tools such as the one described to play a vital role in the engineering success for a Fortune 5 company with a technology team over 28K members strong.