Session: Reference Products: A middle path between build vs. buy for IoT P

Particle is an open IoT platform and service provider that has helped dozens of enterprises build and execute on their IoT strategy. Nearly every company we work with considers the same choice – “should we buy something off the shelf to try and solve this problem, or build a solution ourselves?” While the right answer is different for each organization, both paths have their challenges; plug-and-play solutions are largely inflexible and building from scratch is risky, expensive, and time-consuming.

Particle is pioneering a new path for the IoT market that combines the flexibility of building with the speed and convenience of buying – a new entry point for highly differentiated IoT solutions that we call “reference products.” In this talk, you’ll learn about our design philosophy behind reference products, and how you can design qualities like “openness” and “extensibility” into off-the-shelf solutions.