Session: The Human-Free Software Factory: Removing Threat

Humans suck at being robots! So why do we force people to perform repetitive tasks? We can and should leverage (software) robots to perform repetitive actions. This allows us to free up our humans for valuable system design, architecture and troubleshooting. The simple answer is we get our humans to write code that automates the right things and hand it over to our robots to build, test and deploy the code.

In this session, Galen will talk through the design principles which allow humans to determine which are the right things to automate in the software delivery process, from Continuous Integration and Delivery pipeline design to securing production systems to prevent remote login, and everything in between. The result is an integrated system that provides visibility into the current state, with the ability to prove exactly how and when it was put into that state and guarantee that it will not change unexpectedly. Resulting in a system where the only human interaction is with the source code, and the robots handle the rest!