Session: The State of Swift

Swift, the powerful, easy to learn, safe, cleverly designed open source programming language has had a rollercoaster half-decade. Originating with Apple, the language has been pushed by the community in a variety of exciting directions. Join us to explore the current state, and exciting future, of Swift! Systems programming, app development, backend development, and data science — Swift does it all.

Specifically, in this session, we will:

  • discuss why there’s never been a better time to learn Swift
  • explore the Swift roadmap, its future, and the decision decisions behind its implementation
  • dive into the community-features of Swift, and see how decisions for what’s added to the language are made
  • touch-on the amazing open source projects that form the backbone of the Swift world: such as Vapor and Kitura, for backend and web development, Swift for TensorFlow for machine learning and data science, Alamofire for networking, and beyond
  • touch-on the original use of Swift: app development, and get an update on the new declarative UI framework from Apple, SwiftUI
  • and finally, we’ll see how Swift can be used for systems programming, going head to head with Python, Go, and Java, as a viable, powerful, and useful systems programming language

One session, many amazing use cases for Swift. One session.