Session: Unlocking High Performing Teams with Open Source

The Open Source software community has inspired a legion of users and developers that have taken the idea to incredible heights. That’s not entirely unique to Open Source; many popular applications are the subject of meetups, user groups and even entire conferences.

However, the Open Source community isn’t just a fanbase that is passionately invested, emotionally or financially, in an elite user group; it’s made up of the people who facilitate software testing, progressive delivery, and software supply chain management. What can we learn from this community?

By now, most of the IT community has read the “Accelerate State of DevOps” report from DORA and Google. It reveals data and benchmarks about the performance for which all companies aspire to achieve. For example, elite performers are 1.75x more likely to make extensive use of Open Source Software and are 1.5x more likely to be expanding their use of Open Source Software. But how do we get to high performance?

In this talk, I will share how Open Source is the key to unlocking high performance using DORA metrics as a roadmap to achievement. I will share steps in a process such as the adoption of continuous improvement programs, identification of unique constraints, and discovering where you can swarm resources to solve the most critical challenges first. I will also share an experience report of how a team I worked with achieved high performance with Jenkins X.

Attendees will learn:

  • Key statistics and findings from high performing teams, and how you can identify problem areas to implement practices to improve your own team’s performance.
  • How Open Source Software has enabled teams to improve their productivity and enhance their continuous delivery processes through key processes and frameworks.
  • How Open source is assisting with the interoperability between CICD components, and how we used Jenkins X to achieve high performance