Session: Open Source Design Contributions for your OSS project

In 2019 we started a project called ‘Open Design, a collaboration between Adobe, Designit and Ushahidi. Together we looked at increasing and sustaining design contribution to open source and advocating for OSS in design, and design in OSS. Open Design is now led by volunteers as an open source project.

This session is aimed at getting OSS projects ready for design contributions. Covering the best first issues for design contributions and the processes involved in building a ‘design wing’ of your OSS community. We’ll briefly cover the history of the project and the main problems we attempted to solve and we’ll present the learning and adaptions to our workshop framework and methodology that aims to engage design teams and individuals that are not yet ‘on-board’ with OSS as an ethos or movement.

We’ll cover deeper motivations for design professionals to contribute to OSS and also some practical tips on structuring issues, labelling and maintaining design (and some extended functions like research, UX and product management) you’ll leave with a set of tools and methods you can apply to your OSS to engage with designers.